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Gardening in a Post-Wild World

"Wildness matters more now than it ever has. We’re urbanizing at a pace unprecedented in human history… We have to look at the landscapes we live in as places where nature could be.” – Thomas Rainer

I had the pleasure of attending the Pacific Horticulture's annual conference this past October. It was one of the most progressive, forward-looking groups of horticulturists I've ever been around. Bob Hyland, Michelle Sullivan of Mia Lehrer, and Timber Press' preeminent editor Tom Fischer all contributed to an elevated dialogue. And the audience was filled with some of the most accomplished plantsmen and women I've ever met. The conference has produced a series of videos/interviews from several of the speakers. Here is the first part of one that focused on several of the themes I spoke about. The video was funded and produced by the amazing Pacific Horticulture Society. I cannot think of a better group to support by becoming a member. The video was directed and edited by the talented Beth LaDove, co-founder of Garden Tribe. If you're interested in having Beth create a video for you, contact her at